Mr. Winston Eddy Is Recognized by the Organization of American States!

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This is a cause for Celebration!

Mr. Eddy, who has contributed 14 years of undying service is recognized by the Organization of American States as someone of African descent who has excelled in their National or Hemispheric contribution to Arts & Culture, Sports, Politics, Human Rights and has made significant contribution to the elevation of the country.

This outstanding recognition is explained as “‘The Plan of Action outlines a series of key activities to promote awareness of the situation of people of African descent in the Americas and to ensure their full participation in social, economic and political life.

In celebration of the International Decade for Persons of African Descent in the Americas, the OAS is highlighting the influence of Afro-descendants in shaping our societies by profiling historically renowned figures who have excelled in their national or hemispheric contribution to Arts and Culture, Sports, Politics, Human Rights, and Science or who through their labor have made a significant contribution to their nations or their region.”

Within his 14 years of service at the Royal Beach Casino, Mr. Eddy has attained numerous amounts of Employee of the Year awards and infinite commendations from staff,
colleagues, guests and anyone he has come into contact with.


He embodies what the Royal Beach Casino family represents in providing continuous excellence in service.

Mr. Eddy remains a joy to work with, with his infectious smile and personality. Among all his qualities, he also demonstrates professionalism and tenacity.

We are ecstatic to celebrate this momentous with Mr. Eddy, and are proud to call him one of our own.

Join us as we raise a glass to congratulate Winston on this achievement!

We invite you to stop by the Royal Beach Casino and give Mr. Eddy your well wishes in person while
you Play in Paradise!